Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge Walk is nature trek, popular among regular visitors in the central highland town of Ubud. The main access is a concrete path just down from the main road. Smaller letterings bear “Going to The Hill” with an arrow pointing left, and as soon as you take on this path, the verdant surroundings of the Campuhan Valley immediately come to sight, lined by dense tropical foliage.

The Campuhan Ridge Walk quickly became one of favorite spots in Ubud, and with views like these you might know why. There are no opening hours to the Campuhan Ridge Walk. As there are no gates you are welcome to enter whenever you like. However, it is not advised to visit this path when it is dark as the path is not lid and quite uneven. Best time to visit the Campuhan Ridge Walk is in early morning or at sunset time. And we recommend you to bring water as you might get thirsty hiking up and down the hills, at the end of the Campuhan Ridge Walk there are some restaurants and small shops where you could buy something refreshing if you’d like.