Daily Tour Activities

Sri Ratih cottages are concern to provide the best services and facilities for guest who want to spend their holiday to knowing the culture of Bali. We offer are the comprehensive range of tour, sightseeing and travel guides to visit places of interest in Bali and visit the unique attractions, cultures, traditional Balinese social life and all about tourist activities. Our professional tour drivers are very friendly to inform you about the beautiful panorama of tourist sites and other tourist destinations by performing their outstanding for your convenience and enjoyable tour journey.

Our Selected Bali Day Tour Packages that you can choose on your holiday in Bali 

  1. Full Day tour is designed for traveller who want to exploring the Bali destination. We devide the trip into East Bali, West Bali, Central Bali, North Bali and South Bali in one day. The trips will visiting unique cultures and amazing view of beautiful panorama such as Balinese Dance, Rice Terrace, Volcano, Lake, Mountain, Hot Spring, Waterfall, Beach and spectacular sunset or sunrise.
  2. Half day tour is a short trip with duration 6-7 hours depends of the itinerary you choose. Half day tour are designed to visit the unique attractions, cultures and daily life of Balinese people. 
  3. Bali Activites Package is an exciting activities to enjoyed your holiday in Bali. The activity inside that you can choose are : White Water Rafting, Downhill cycling Tour, Cooking class, Mountain Trekking, and Elephant ride. In each main activity that you choosing will be inclusive of Traditional Balinese Massage at Sri Ratih Spa. 

Note  :

Should you interest and want to reserve the exercise above, please be so kind to contact us directly at reservation@sriratih.com. The best price guarantee will be offered.