Friday 2nd September 2016
Tamblingan - Bedugul's Hidden Gem

Way up in Bali's central mountains, near Bedugu, are three lakes, losy in the calderas od ancient volcanoes. The smallest one, Tamblingan is a gem, a once holy place of pilgrimage. Today it is a still a place of pilgrimage, but except for the odd Holy day festival, it is the favoured destination for groups of trekkers and most importantly, for photographers, who come to enjoy the mystical, almost surreal beauty of the breaking dawn.

Several temples dot the lakes shores whichare accessible by ancient wooden dogout canoes, or if you feel uo to it, by walking a couple of kilometres. The coold clean air invites walking and it is no hardship. The southern end of the lake is dominated by the Pura Gubud (temple) home to an annual ceremony of great proportions. For the rest of the time, it stands like a silent senitel guarding over this watery home of the spirits of the lake.

Tamblingan's busiest time is ore dawn as photographers, wedding parties and other groups stand by waiting. Firsth light bring the most mystical effect as the lakes's surface dissolves into a sea of mist.

While ceremonial days, and holy pilgrimages undoubtably happen, it is Tamblingan's heralding of the dawn that makes it such a special and sought after place.


Source : Ubud Life Magazine