Friday 29th April 2016
Tumpek Kandang: A Ritual for Animal Glorification

Today is Tumpek Kandang in Bali. 30 April 2016 Tumpek Uye, also called Tumpek Kandang, falls on Saturday "Saniscara Kliwon Wuku Uye every 210 days . The name Tumpek Kandang is derived from two words, “Tumpek” that means Saturday that coincide with Kliwon on Balinese Calendar system and “Kandang” refers to Balinese word for cage, symbolizing the domesticated animals that Balinese Hindu highly honor. They include cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, dogs and birds.

A special offering is made for Sang Hyang Rare Angon, the god of all cattle and livestock, prayer is offered to the God for the welfare of the domesticated these animals. Holy water and rice are sprinkled to the head of these animals at the end of the ceremony.

This ritual certainly not an animal worship ritual, Balinese people consider the animal as a friend of life and fellow brother created by God as a living creature. Human life is much assisted by animals, especially in satisfying the needs of food, the labor force, religious ceremony and economy. For the sake of preservation and prosperity of such animals, the Balinese plead for God as the Greatest Source.
Tumpek Kandang has more meaning on the showing of evidence that Balinese is a community that is aware of animal welfare. This means, there is an awareness of owing “merits” to the animals, since such creatures are the preserver of the equilibrium of the ecosystem. Without animals on earth, the life cycle does not work, and even interrupts.

On Tumpek Kandang, the Hindus make a ritual to venerate the Almighty God as Shiva or Pasupati, which maintains all beings in this universe. The worship is manifested by giving thanksgiving ceremony to all animals, particularly cattle. It is one of the Balinese traditions giving the message that people should always act friendly against the nature and its contents.

With the the fact above in Hindus teach life balance that is sustainable harmony. Always proud to be a Hindu


~Hinduism United~