Tuesday 28th June 2016
Pagerwesi Ceremony in Bali

The first four of the new Pawukon cycle are special religious days and most Balinese people in the northern part of the island will celebrate it feverishly. The day is called Pagerwesi. Pagerwesi Day, which falls on Wednesday, Buda Kliwon Sinta (Balinese Calendar), is the third most celebrated holidays in Bali after Galungan and Nyepi Day. Balinese Hindus celebrate Pagerwesi every six months (210 days) according to the pawukon calendar systems.

Literally the mean of Pagerwesi means ‘iron fence’. Pager (fence) and Wesi (iron) – and reflects the purpose of this important event, it is the day to strengthen one’s fortification against evil. The correlation between Pagerwesi and Saraswati day is that knowledge is so powerful that it must be protected from the bad influence.

Pagerwesi is dedicate to honour Siva, the God Manifestation as Hyangn Pramesti Guru (the main Guru), and has a very close relationship with Saraswati day. It falls three days after Saraswati day, and there'e continuitu meaning between them. In Pagerwesi people honor the main Guru (God or Siva) that transferred knowledge during Saraswati day. It also means that the knowledge must be protected from bad influences and misuse.

If we are looking back to the roots of Hinduism in Bali, which was originate from India, there is a similiar ceremony called Guru Puha or Guru Purnima. The Indians, however, celebrate it in a very different way and day. They celebrate Guru Puja on Purnama Kasa or first new moon every year. Pagerwesi reminds human to be wise and more aware to the function and power of knowledge.

During Pagerwesi, Balinese held Tapa Brata (Semadhi) to refresh and calming their mind, at this day also will held a ritual procession with pray at nearest temple. If abke Balinese people will held the prau at big temple like Besakih or Jgatnata temple, but if they was unable because must work or do some other job, the pray can be held on the night on thier own family temple. Some people interpret this day by it's name that known as the day to proctect our self from all negative elemet, by doing meditation and pray to the God to refresh the mind.

source : www.gorgeousbali.com