Sunday 18th October 2015
Beauty Treatment with Bali Coffee and Chocolate

Our skin is constantly reinventing itself, shedding dead cells and generating new ones. Unfortunately, those old cells remain on the surface of the skin, dulling its appearance and contributing to blotchy, uneven tones. Exfoliation, an essential step in any skin care regiment, loosens and removes those cells, encouraging new cell growth and eliminating clogged hair follicles while cleansing and balancing the skin.
Indonesia produce some of the world’s finest coffees, from the robust beans harvested from the mountainous slopes of Kintamani, to exotic blends from Papua New Guinea, and richly flavoured Lombok coffee.The coarse nature of ground coffee beans makes it an excellent choice for body scrubs as it  arouses skin cells, thus improving circulation and helping flush away toxins. A scrub will also remove dead skin and firm and tone those areas prone to cellulite. Effects are enhanced when mixed with honey which is antibacterial, rich in antioxidants and delightfully soothing on the skin.
Sri Ratih Spa offer a beauty treatment with Bali Coffee and Chocolate. Combination of Bali coffee and Chocolatte will be moisturizes and gently exfoliates the skin. The treatment begins with a ritual herbal foot bath, followed by a Balinese massage, coffee & chocolate scrub, then finished with a decadent chocolate bath.    
Chocolate is also great for making people feel great. Chocolate increases mood, giving whoever eats it a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. To many peoples surprise, it also provides many health benefits such as, improving heart health, moisturizes, detox, improve the look of skin and stress reliever. All of these chocolate benefits can now be absorbed without having to eat it, but in the form of a body wrap.